Growing pains

I was thinking about baby milestones yesterday because we got rid of all the “tiny baby” equipment over the weekend – swing, bouncy chair, mini co-sleeper, and the gadget I used to track feedings during her first weeks. Plus we lowered the crib and bought a jumperoo. She loves it, every bit as much as she loved the swing when she was tiny and it was the only place I could put her down.

I can see why people have more than one kid; anything to put off that heartwrenching sorrow that comes with knowing the tiny creature that fluttered against your belly will never be there again, and she’s six months closer to going into the world, all grown up.

Then I remind myself of the heartburn, and the nausea, the needles and the doctor’s visits, the hours of excruciating pain, the days when I was drunk with exhaustion and so desperate to talk to other adults that I took her to play group at two weeks, and I think of doing all that again, but this time with someone who desperately needs my attention all the time… and yep, good with having an only child.

~ by Amber on November 11, 2014.

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