Applying What You Already Know About Fiber

I have kind of a confession to make.

At the end of last winter, I was in Target, and I noticed that they had their accessories on clearance.  Among them was a pair of flip-top mittens in a rather pretty blue and white variegated colorway.  I have a fondness for fingerless mitts, and I’d been thinking about making a pair of convertible mittens like these, but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet, and they struck me as kind of fiddly.  (Not that I generally have a problem with fiddly things, and I’d made mitts with partial fingers before without issue, but… I think it was the yarn.  I have a weakness for pretty colors.)  There were other excuses – I’m sure you’ve seen them before.  I had a lot of knitting in my queue, and none of it was mittens.  I have a hard time knitting for myself.  And so on.

The long and short of it was that I broke down and bought a commercially knitted accessory for the first time since I’d taken up the needles myself.  And since I bought it at Target and didn’t spend a million dollars on them, they were acrylic.

And then I forgot about them.  It was the end of the season, they went in the bin I keep my fingerless gloves in, and thus far this winter I’d been using my own fingerless mitts.  Then a concatenation of events caused me to lose one of my Codename: Garnet mitts (remember those? oh, and don’t worry, it’s just lost in my apartment and I haven’t had a chance to hunt for it yet) and found me digging through that bin in the very early morning.  Finding those mittens seemed like a blessing, because it was definitely getting cold enough for mittens.

That was yesterday.  I wore them in to work by themselves, and they were fine; last night it was cold enough that I layered them under my Hurry Up Spring armwarmers (and how glad am I that I made those over the summer? Super glad), but I’d been layering my Garnet mitts under them, so it seemed perfectly natural.

Yesterday, however, it was dry when I was commuting.

Today?  Not so much.  Which means my accessories got rained on, as they do.  My Through the Woods hood kept my head dry and my neck toasty warm, of course.  (If you’re looking for an extra layer to protect your head from the wind and precludes the need for a cowl or scarf?  Check that one out.  Fantastic.)

I’m sure those of you who know anything about fiber can see this coming, right?

Yeah, my acrylic mittens? Just got wet. And then my fingers got cold. And I reminded myself of all the wonderful insulating properties of wool, and I thought about the two balls of Felici Sport I have in my stash that was given to me by an incredibly kind stranger, and… well…

Can anybody recommend a good convertible mitten pattern?


~ by Amber on November 29, 2012.

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