Weekend Gauge Check: Houseguest Edition

It’s time for our weekend rituals, the ceremonies of escorting one week out and preparing the next one. Which, around here, is the Gauge Check, where I take a look at my week and figure out where I’ve come from and where I’m going. Sometimes there are goals, sometimes I just talk about what’s going on in my life and my crafting. You are all welcome to join in in the comments.

Shot through an open window, a grapevine covered in clusters of grapes grows in front of a graffiti-covered brick wall.  The wall is close enough to touch through the window.My work week was, as usual, full of work.  (Last night I dreamed about getting a spreadsheet to balance.)  I didn’t even get much knitting done during the week, for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on.  Stress, maybe.  I put in a couple of rows on the Peacock Tail and Leaf Shawl most days, and a little bit on the second commissioned pulsewarmer, but that was about it for the week itself.

I picked up Jack on Thursday night, because we were planning to go to dinner, and as we were leaving, we noticed a fire in a field up the street.  He called 911, and when we heard the fire trucks coming, we headed out.  There’s no punch line or moral; it was just something unusual that happened.

Friday after work we went out to Powell’s and celebrated payday by picking up a couple of books.  I brought home Sock Knitting Master Class: Innovative Techniques + Patterns from Top Designers which I’d had my eye on for a while.  That night, a friend of ours arrived from the East Coast for a weeklong visit.  He was understandably tired and jet-lagged, so we headed back to the apartment.

Saturday morning, we went into Portland for some sightseeing.  We discovered a huge farmer’s market on the PSU campus, where Jack scored some bacon pickles (he swears they’re good) and we sampled all sorts of things.  I’d gotten used to the little Vancouver farmer’s market, and it was a nice change of pace to visit a big, varied one like this.  I definitely plan to go back.

Afterward, we caught the streetcar up to Pearl Fiber Arts, where my gift card from the stash sale was ready.  I brought home two skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light (I might have a problem) in the glazed pecan (which looks much more golden than brown in my skein) and earl grey colorways (similarly golden and blue).  A gorgeous two-color shawl is in my future.  My guest expressed an interest in learning to knit, so he brought home a skein of worsted to learn with.

We showed off Powell’s (with the proper mix of caution and glee), the main library, finally checked out Portland Button Works, and then headed home. We watched some movies and I taught him how to cast on, knit, and purl, and started him with a simple hat, a la Elizabeth Zimmermann.

Today we went to Rose City Comic-Con, which was tiny and adorable but somehow full of awesome artists.

So once we’ve decided to move, Jack and I have the same conversation fairly regularly.  It goes something like this:

“This thing that we’re looking at would be useful to have, for reasons.”

“But then we’d have to move it.”

“True.  Never mind.”

Prints, however, are 1) flat, 2) light, and 3) can be kept in an existing binder of artwork until we arrive at our new location.

Yeah, we bought a lot of art.

A Miyazaki-themed nursery may have been brought up.

It was fun.

I’m up to 25 pattern repeats on my Peacock Tail shawl, and I actually picked up the second Welsh Traveling Sock (July’s Year of Good Intentions project) and finished the leg and knit the heel flap.  I want to get the heel turn finished tonight, so I better get back to it.

How was your weekend?


~ by Amber on September 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “Weekend Gauge Check: Houseguest Edition”

  1. I *love* the idea of a Miyazaki-themed nursery–that would be adorable.

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