Weekend Gauge Check: Labor Day Weekend

t’s time for our weekend rituals, the ceremonies of escorting one week out and preparing the next one. Which, around here, is the Gauge Check, where I take a look at my week and figure out where I’ve come from and where I’m going. Sometimes there are goals, sometimes I just talk about what’s going on in my life and my crafting. You are all welcome to join in in the comments.

Oh, how I needed this three-day weekend.

We went to the movies on Friday and saw Amazing Spider-Man, which was a lot of fun.  I really liked this Peter Parker; he was bright and dorky and very much a teenaged boy.  I loved Gwen Stacy’s intelligence and competence and her refusal to be protected or coddled.  Also her taste in knitwear.

Saturday was the opening of the 2nd Annual Stash Sale at Pearl Fiber Arts. The store was crowded with bins of yarn, fiber, and accessories of varying qualities on (and under!) every available surface.  I dug through all of them, and found some beautiful skeins to take home.  Three skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in the Flash Dance colorway, a skein of Handmaiden Camelspin (in what I believe may be the Nova Scotia colorway, though it’s a lot darker than the sample), and a skein of Navajo-plied handspun in Mosaic Moon BFL in the Dragon’s Lair colorway.

A pile of yarnAfterward, we wandered around Art in the Pearl, which is a small annual festival of the arts in one of the parks in the Pearl District.  It was still early in the day, so we had some marvelous conversations with artists about their work before it got too crowded and they got too busy.

A number of local groups and schools also had demos, which provided great photo fodder.

We wandered around Portland for a while, then headed back across the river to do some thrift shopping.

Today we started with the apartment-hunting process.  Upgrading to a bigger place is the next step in the adoption process, and I’m excited.  We’re planning on taking our time and finding a place we really love before we move, because we’d rather not have to move again before we buy a house, which is our long-term goal.

Knitting-wise, I put in some more work on the Peacock Tail and Leaf Shawl, and I was commissioned to knit some pulsewarmers.  I completed the first of those, based on the Mystic Light Pulse Warmers.

How was your week?

A pair of hands creating a pot

Line of copper bowls


Metal dragonfly on a yellow background





~ by Amber on September 3, 2012.

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