Friday Gauge Check: Black Sheep Gathering Recovery

I had a fantastic time last weekend, between hanging out with a friend and going down to Black Sheep Gathering on Sunday.  I learned a LOT at my workshop, and I’ll have a post up before the weekend’s out about it.  (I’m working on it now, even.)

The drive to Eugene was lovely and not very long, and we plan to go back some weekend when they aren’t hosting the Olympic track and field trials to explore it further.  It looks quite charming, at first glance.

In the way of things, I was on a yarn diet for months in preparation for Black Sheep, and I ended up buying exactly one skein of sock yarn (on sale. for Jack.).  Maybe everyone was just seriously picked-over by the time I got there, but there just wasn’t anything that made my heart sing.  There was a lot of lovely fiber, but my fiber stash doesn’t really have any room to grow, so I refrained from bringing anything home.  (Also the market was closed by the time I was finished with class, otherwise I probably would have hunted down some cashmere.)

Jack also took Monday off, and we spent some time in downtown Portland, and did a little thrifting, and enjoyed spending time together.

The rest of the week felt slow and sleepy – I felt like I just couldn’t get motivated to get anything done, even the dishes. I suspect that I might have picked up a bug at Black Sheep, and while I never quite got all the way to sick, I was lethargic and unfocused.

One handknit sock.Despite this (or maybe because of it?), I finished the first Diamonds and Cables sock (isn’t that colorway amazing?), made good progress on the second sleeve of my Gnarled Oak Cardigan, and I actually got the pi shawl cast on and knit up to 72 stitches.  (I also found the Addi Lace needle I was looking for, but it wasn’t the size I wanted. Naturally.)

I did a lot of spinning (for me, at least) and I’m making good headway on the alpaca/bamboo blend. It has a lot of VM (for values of “a lot” that mean that I’ve never actually spun anything with any VM, really? I don’t know if it’s a lot in the grand scheme of things) in it, and I’m going back and forth between picking it out as I go and just leaving it in there. Opinions?  Will I hate myself later if I leave it in?

I’m sorry I haven’t been saying much lately, guys.  How’s your week been?


~ by Amber on June 30, 2012.

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