Saturday Gauge Check: Busy!

It’s time for our Friday rituals, the ceremonies of escorting one week out and preparing the next one. Which, around here, is the Gauge Check, where I take a look at my week and figure out where I’ve come from and where I’m going. Sometimes there are goals, sometimes I just talk about what’s going on in my life and my crafting. You are all welcome to join in in the comments.

I was planning to write my gauge check when I got home last night, but I fell asleep instead.  Hopefully you all will forgive me.  The last half of this week has been really busy!  Wednesday night I went to my first meeting of the local Knitter’s Guild, where everybody was super nice and welcoming.  I had a good time and definitely plan to go back.

Thursday morning I got called for an interview, which I scheduled for the same afternoon.  Half an hour before, I grabbed my purse and headed out the door – realizing only seconds after I’d shut the door (which locked behind me) that I didn’t have my keys.  No problem, thought I, I’ll just run over to the super’s apartment and get him to let me back in.

Except that he wasn’t home.

In the six months I’ve lived here, he’s never been not home when I needed him for something.  Of course, the one time I really need him, he’s not there.

Over the course of the next hour, I determined that my second-floor apartment is difficult to break into (normally a good thing), that a locksmith would cost upwards of $50, and that a cab out to Jack’s office and back would be even more.  Also that my super didn’t show any sign of arriving home.

Fortunately I was able to call the person I was interviewing with and reschedule for the following morning; she was very understanding and I was mortified.  Fortunately also I’d decided to drive down to the interview wearing sensible shoes, and switch into my killer red heels when I got there.  This made a huge difference when I had to walk several blocks to catch the bus out to Jack’s office.  It was also, amazingly, a warm and sunny day.  All things considered, there were so many things that could have gone (more) wrong.

The rescheduled interview went well, too.  It was with a temp agency, and she basically promised to find me an assignment, even if the one I was originally interviewing for didn’t work out.  So…technically I’m employed now? Cross your fingers that I get an assignment soon.

Last night we went and saw The Avengers, which was not really my cup of tea.  Very disappointing, because I liked all the other movies in the series, but mostly it felt like a bunch of extended fight scenes, which isn’t something I care for.

While I was hanging out at Knitting Guild, and sitting in the sun waiting for my super, and riding the bus all the way across town and back, and watching the movie, I did get quite a bit of knitting done.  The Oxidation socks are finished – washed and blocked and currently on Jack’s feet.  He’s at work, though, so I don’t have a picture of them yet.  I’m 10.5″ into the body of the Gnarled Oak Cardigan, with a goal of 16.5″ before the armholes.  The Twitter Mystery KAL cowl is still getting its daily row.

The Forest Ridge shawl was pretty neglected this week, because I realized that I made an error on one of the pattern repeats five rows ago, and I’m trying to decide whether I’m going to a) try and tink it back, b) perform lace surgery, or c) ignore it.  Sort of leaning towards a) at the moment.  Of course, I hadn’t bothered to put in any lifelines.

After much consideration and stash-diving, I’ve decided that the May project for the Year of Good Intentions is going to be the Hurry Up Spring armwarmers from Stitch ‘N Bitch Nation.  I don’t have any Noro of an appropriate weight, but I think the cables will look lovely on the Three Irish Girls Felicity in the Bayside colorway.  I will report back with more details once I get them cast on.

It occurred to me after I hit “publish” that I titled last Friday’s Gauge Check “Cold Sheeping” and then proceeded not to talk about it at all.  Cold sheeping, for those of you who don’t know, is refraining from buying yarn; the knitter’s equivalent of going “cold turkey.”  I’m knitting strictly out of my stash until Black Sheep Gathering at the end of June.  It actually excites me somewhat, because I’m spending time getting to know my stash and using this lovely yarn I have tucked away.  I do have a tendency to not want to touch my stash because I’m saving it for something “special,” but everything I knit should be special and worthy of good yarn.

How has your week been?  Check your own gauge, or make me feel better by telling me about terrible knitting errors you’ve made, in the comments.

~ by Amber on May 12, 2012.

One Response to “Saturday Gauge Check: Busy!”

  1. Yes, use your good yarn. I don’t believe in saving things for something later. If you empty out your stash, I’ll make sure there’s room in the budget for more.

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