Adventures in Color!

Welcome to the new folks who found me via my adventures with the Rose City Yarn Crawl!  Make yourselves at home, feel free to wander through my old pages, and drop me a line at rippingback at gmail dot com if I can do anything for you!

I’m going to get into the whys and wherefores tomorrow in my gauge check, but I realized earlier that if I talked about what I’ve been doing the last two days in my gauge check on top of that other stuff, it would be incredibly long.  So!  This is broken out separately.A crock pot, some white handspun, and packages of cherry Kool-Aid.

One thing I’ve been thinking about doing for a while is dyeing.  It looks like fun!  Also, colors, and the potential for great mess!  On the other hand – what if I’m terrible at it?  I definitely don’t want to pour a bunch of money into something and then realize that it isn’t actually any fun.

Fortunately, the gods of the thrift store intervened.  A couple of weeks ago, I found this fantastic vintage Crock Pot, which was large, inexpensive, and also half-off.  Initial equipment investment: $3.50.  How could I say no?  Obviously I couldn’t.

Step two: identifying dyeing materials.  Hm.  Inexpensive, easy to use, preferably not prone to dyeing everything in site… available at the grocery store?  Yup.  Cherry Kool-Aid: 4 packets for $0.88.

Step three:  what to dye?  Well, I have this skein of handspun that I made a while ago out of Corridale Cross I picked up at Webs.  It’s not doing anything but taking up space in my stash, and it’s not like I’m likely to knit anything out of it in its current condition.

But how to go about it?  Lo and behold, the wonderful folks a Knitty offered a little bit of guidance.

White handspun yarn in water.

First, the yarn goes into the sink to get nice and wet…

Yarn is added to the crock pot, turning it red.

Then, the yarn is added to the crock pot, which has been filled with water and Kool-Aid. More water is added to cover the yarn…

Then it sits in the Crock Pot, until the water is clear!  (Obviously it’s not clear yet, but I apparently failed to get a picture of this stage.  Too much excitement.)

Finally, the yarn is pulled out and cools off.  Afterwards, it will be rinsed out and allowed to dry.  Since I live in the Pacific Northwest, guess which stage it’s still at?  Yep, still hanging out in my dish rack.  When it’s done, I’ll turn it back into a pretty skein and take more pictures!  Tomorrow, you may get pictures of today’s dyeing experiments, which involved fiber and Pink Lemonade Kool-Aid.  Tomorrow… well, tomorrow there may be additional dyeing.  I have the bug now!  It’s so much fun to make things colorful!

Other things you may get pictures of tomorrow include all the spinning I’ve been doing, which has been a lot!  (At least, a lot for me.)  Apparently being exposed to all that fantastic yarn during the crawl has reinvigorated my desires to create… which reminds me, I have some knitting to do.  Take care, kids, and happy crafting!


~ by Amber on March 9, 2012.

One Response to “Adventures in Color!”

  1. It is so very, very red. The pictures don’t quite do it justice.

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