Rose City Yarn Crawl: Day 3 Recap

Shops Visited: 2

New Shops Visited: 1

Total Shops to Date: 19

Stash Acquired: Dream in Color Starry

Non-Stash Acquired: A Lo-Lo Bar and lip balm.

Three days, nineteen shops, more miles than I care to think about, and a lot of wool.  My first Rose City Yarn Crawl is complete, and… well, frankly, I’m exhausted.  It was a fun challenge, and an interesting experience, though.

So, I owe you guys four shops from yesterday and two from today.

Make One, Milwaukie
Pattern: Bridge City Socks (obtained) 

Physically, this is an absolutely beautiful shop.  It’s good-sized, with lots (and lots) of natural light, nicely laid out, and it’s easy to find everything.  Unfortunately, it’s easy to find everything because there doesn’t seem to be much to find.  When I walked in, I assumed that the store hadn’t been open for very long, or maybe they’d rushed the opening before they were ready in order to make the yarn crawl roster.  The yarn that they do have is lovely, with lots of representation from Cascade, but also appearances from Abstract Fiber, Aslan, and The Fibre Company.  There is also a pair of bookshelves labeled “Charity Knitting” filled with miscellaneous color-sorted yarn, presumably donated for the purpose, which is a nice way to work it.  Unfortunately, the over-full charity knitting shelves only made the sale shelves look emptier.

Perhaps the shelving was bought with the idea in mind that there would be room to grow, or maybe they were between shipments when the Crawl descended upon them like a plague of yarn-buying locusts, but it ended up feeling empty and picked-over, the only shop that felt that way. I got the impression that I would be hard-pressed to find a sweater’s worth of yarn in much of anything besides Cascade 220, which is a strange sensation for a yarn store.

This was also the only store on the Crawl that had a minimum purchase required to obtain the special pattern, a lovely pair of socks. Fortunately Jack picked out a skein of Cascade Eco+ in the creatively named 9448, an olive heather, that was over the $10 minimum.  (He came to the realization that weaving with a weft of laceweight was maybe too ambitious for a first project, and decided to switch to something heavier. I think this will serve him nicely.)

Wynona Studios, Oregon City
Pattern: Dahlia Blossom Bag (obtained)

Full disclosure: Wynona Studios was my favorite discovery of the entire Crawl. I don’t have enough words to describe the place, and I was so distracted by all there was to see that I forgot to take pictures!  Wynona doesn’t sell commercial yarn; they sell local indie dyers and handspinners, plus recycled yarns reclaimed from thrift-store sweaters.  They have a section of recycled sweaters that were “too pretty to destroy,” and plenty of hand-dyed fibers as well.  That’s just the beginning – there are vintage buttons, fat quarters from vintage sheets, and did I mention the looms?  That may have been why photography slipped my mind….  I grabbed a class list with an impressive variety of tools and techniques, including how to reclaim yarn from thrift-store sweaters, in case you want to take a crack at it yourself!  The day’s event was a trunk show from Blissful Knits,which is a local dyer with a phenomenal eye for color.  Jack picked up a skein of Inspire sock yarn in the colorway Dark Woods, a rich combination of greens and blacks that doesn’t appear to be up on the Etsy site. There only appeared to be one skein, and he told me that if there had been two, he would have bought them both, because the color was that amazing.  (Isn’t he well-trained?)

The only drawback to this shop is that it’s not closer!  Another find, just up the street, was a bakery with the most amazing cupcakes.  I didn’t get the name, but I intend to the next time I’m in the area.

Wool ‘N Wares, West Linn
Pattern: Spring Infinity Scarf/Cowl (Obtained)

Out in West Linn, Wool ‘N Wares is a charming little shop located on an impressively steep hill.  They have a nice selection, lovingly curated, and while it seems to be aimed mostly at people who knit for kids, there’s just enough non-superwash to be interesting.  I was honestly surprised by the fiber selection, and my surprise manifested itself in the form of a Ruffle Scarf Spin and Knit Kit, which contained 3 ounces of alpaca/bamboo blend fiber and the pattern.  The fiber itself is a rich greenish grey, and I can’t wait to see how it spins up.

My purchase snagged the pattern, and also a cookie shaped like a sheep that came with a coupon for 30% off one item in April.  Too bad West Linn is so far!

Yarn Garden, 14th & Hawthorne
Pattern: Frances headband

This was the first yarn shop I visited when I moved up here, and somehow I didn’t write about it at the time.  At the end of the Crawl, though all I could think about was how big it was.  It’s hard to say whether it’s bigger than For Yarn’s Sake, because it’s divided up into rooms, all in a row, like the retail equivalent of a railroad apartment.  Each room has yarn grouped in ways that probably make sense – sock and lace in the front room; worsted in the second; cotton and acrylic in the third, which is decorated in kids’ sweaters; the room to the left of the door has patterns and tools, and in the very back, past all the yarn, is a classroom/kitchen where there was a yarn tasting going on.  A yarn tasting featuring Knitters’ Pride needles and Fyberspates yarn.  The yarn?  Gorgeous.  Knits like a dream.  The needles were nice, but the ones that really caught my eye were square wooden needles with amazingly pointy tips.  Which, unsurprisingly, they were out of.  Because I’m sure I’m far from the only knitter who picked them up and went YES PLEASE.

Gorgeous stuff.  Nice store, too, very friendly staff, which is good, because finding anything in particular in that store would be quite a challenge.  It’s a great place to browse, though.

And that was a wrap for Saturday.

The Naked Sheep Knit Shop, 21st and Killingsworth
Pattern: Rosebud Keyhole Scarf (obtained)

Sunday, there were only two shops left on the list.  The first, Naked Sheep, is one of the two closest shops to my apartment.  Guys, I’d really like to do this shop justice.  It’s pretty, well-lit, lots of air, but after seventeen yarn shops in three days, I just didn’t see anything remarkable.  Fortunately, since it is so close to home, it won’t be hard to go back on a day that I’m a little more mellow and open to new yarn experiences.

What did get me excited was the Bar-Maids trunk show.  Now, I’ve heard a lot about the wonderful Bar-Maids products, particularly the Lo-Lo bar, and their new lip balm.  I even had a chance to look at them back at the Oregon Flock and Fiber show (remember that?) but I was seriously suffering from a case of Massively Overwhelmed at the time, and the booth was busy.  Today, I had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with Jenny of the Bar-Maids, and she helped me find a scent that I liked (um, several, actually, but I only came home with one, Coco-Mango).  Also, lip balm that doesn’t dry out your lips!  Crazy, isn’t it?

Close Knit, 22nd and Alberta (which is, oddly, not really near 21st & Killingsworth, even though it seems like it should be)
 Pattern: Him or Her Cowls (obtained)

Last stop, OMG.

And after 19 yarn shops in three days, this is still my favorite shop.  (And not just because somebody asks me about something I’m wearing every time I go in.  That’s just a bonus.)  It was here, though, I turned in my completed passport, and here I bought my last skein of yarn.  There was a trunk show at Twisted of Star Athena’s Keep on Knitting in the Free World patterns, and Jack fell madly in love with the Emerald City Mitts.  He bought me the pattern, and at Close Knit he found a skein of Dream in Color Starry in a lovely light-green colorway for me to make it in.

I have a delightful but not overwhelming amount of new yarn, some nice new tools, and a fantastic experience.  How was your weekend?

~ by Amber on March 5, 2012.

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