Friday Gauge Check: Making Progress, Maybe?

Friday means it’s time for our Friday rituals, the ceremonies of escorting one week out and preparing the next one. Which, around here, is the Gauge Check, where I take a look at my week and figure out where I’ve come from and where I’m going. Sometimes there are goals, sometimes I just talk about what’s going on in my life and my crafting. You are all welcome to join in in the comments.

This week was incredibly difficult.  The simple act of getting out of bed was a struggle.  Going to work, and staying there for my full shift, was an agony.  I managed it, but that’s about all I can say about it.

Somewhere late Thursday afternoon, though, I feel like I hit a turning point.  Being at work slipped back into “tolerable” again.  I can’t really explain it, as nothing had happened at the time to give me the renewed burst of energy, but… not going to argue with it.  Most of the time, I am a fairly upbeat, positive person, who suffers from occasional mood crashes.  At the point I can identify that what’s going on is a mood crash, it gives me the tools to work through it.  I’m not really equipped to handle the long-term depression, and I really hope that it’s something that passes.  Since Thursday evening, I’ve swung back and forth between okay and not-okay, but right now I’m pretty good.

I did have a phone interview on Wednesday, followed by an in-person one today, for a full-time position, and I feel like it went really well.  Cross your fingers for me, guys, because this one actually feels like it would be a step forward, and one with a career path.  I have been told that the company takes very good care of its employees, as well, and the position would include things like decent medical insurance.  (I could maybe get treated for my TMJ!)

I’m sure you’re all wondering about Jack’s never-ending interview path, right?  Well, he had another pair of interviews, this time with Important People (this makes five) and today they asked him to fill out an authorization for a background check.  I hope by next week’s gauge check I’ll have some good news.

I read a book this week: The Magicians by Lev Grossman.  I… can’t really say that I enjoyed it.  It was competently executed, I’ll say that.  But.  Well, imagine if Bret Easton Ellis (of American Psycho fame) wrote a Harry Potter/Chronicles of Narnia crossover.  If you like Bret Easton Ellis, you’d probably like the book, but if you’re bothered by the casual Nice Guy misogyny found in geek circles, skip it.  I found it depressing in a quietly horrific sort of way, and I can’t really talk about all the things I didn’t like about it without getting into serious spoilers.  It’s the kind of story I probably would have enjoyed while I was married to my first husband (who was a Nice Guy himself) but at this point in my life, I couldn’t manage it.  (At the same time, I could not put it down.)

Knitting-wise, I’ve accomplished very little.  I did a few more rows on the Sneaky Mountain shawl, and a bunch of knitting on my vanilla sock.  I decided to do an afterthought heel so I didn’t have to stop knitting at work until I got the heel turned.  There’s nothing wrong with the decision all by itself, but I do have to say that vanilla socks are really boring.  They’re great when you can be interrupted at any minute, but when work is slow, it’s not really interesting enough to keep my attention.  I plod onward, and I keep telling myself that I really am making actual progress, no matter how it appears to the contrary.

After my interview, I stopped in at Happy Knits, which carries Knit Picks products, to see if they had a niddy-noddy (they didn’t).  I managed to avoid buying both yarn and patterns, though it was a close thing.  Afterward, I went over to Yarnia, which I’d never actually managed to get to while they were open.  Yarnia makes custom blend yarns on demand; you go in and tell her what kind of fiber you want, what kind of weight you want it in, you pick the colors, and she winds it on the spot.  She sells it by the pound (or the ounce).  The only thing that kept me from buying a bulky-weight bamboo for a pair of mittens I’ve been trying to knit for a year now was that she was out of dark grey.  When it comes in, though, I am so there.  (The only thing that kept me from buying a pre-wound skein of this gorgeous green and white merino and French angora sport weight was my incredible self control.  Also I didn’t know what I would do with it.  But that’s not the point!  It was on sale, guys.  On sale.  And I walked away.)

Next week I need to brave the terrible temptation that is Knit Picks and order myself a niddy-noddy, so I can re-skein and wash the pink yarns formerly known as the basketweave scarf.  And then I will make something else with them!  Possibly a hat.  Or several hats.  I’m kind of obsessed with hats right now.

Other things I am obsessed with: balsamic hummus (SO DELICIOUS), Final Fantasy XII, and hypothetical knitting.

What are your obsessions this week?

~ by Amber on January 6, 2012.

4 Responses to “Friday Gauge Check: Making Progress, Maybe?”

  1. I can send you my NiddyNoddy, if you like. I’m ordering a swift/skeinwinder in the very near future. I spin/dye to sell, and the niddy takes too long and bothers my wrist. So it’s yours if you want it!

    Lots of job-mojo for you and Jack!! I hope you both get the jobs you interviewed for.

    My current obsession? The Calorimetry pattern (the knit one, not crochet. I still suck at crochet.). I knit one for my cousin as part of a christmas present. It was rather large, so I kept it and knit a second that came out right. I want to knit a ton of them. I’ve been wearing it everywhere! It’s a quick knit, too, jsut a couple of hours, max, even with distractions. Also obsessing over Fresh and Easy’s pumpkin spiced apple cider to the point where I bought ten bottles before it disappeared until next holiday season.

    • Yes, please? If you’re not using it, I would be *delighted* to take it off your hands.

      Have you tried the Calorimetry variants? I made a Cablerimetry for a Christmas knit last year, and it turned out really well. Of course, it was a gift, so the only pic I have of it is crappy. 😛 But it was totally fun to do, if you want to jazz up your Calorimetry.

      • Sure thing! send me your address. 🙂 I can’t get it in the mail until the 22nd, when I’ll have money again, though.

        I have not. I’ll probably do the Cablerimetry at some point. I just love the basic pattern because I don’t really have to pay a whole lot of attention. 😀

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