Friday Gauge Check: Nesting

How is it Friday already? Who authorized that?

As you might guess, I’ve had a busy week. I have – well, it’s not exactly a job. It’s a gig, I suppose you could call it. I’m doing Reiki healing and intuitive counseling at a brand-new shop called Conjure Works on Hawthorne in Portland. More details about that later, including the official grand opening of my web site (you can take a sneak peek at Labyrinth Reiki.)

I’ve been running around, getting a feel for Portland, visiting local shops, buying secondhand furniture, unpacking…oh, and buying a lot of yarn. It so happens, boys and girls, that the Knit Picks corporate offices are right here in Vancouver. It also happens that they had a warehouse sale last weekend – some discontinued colors and yarn lines, some returns, some mislabeled and label-free yarns, some books, and miscellaneous other stuff. I…may have bought over seven pounds of yarn. Hey, at the prices they were offering, I couldn’t resist! I also picked up some books for my reference library. Maybe I’ll review them, on down the line.

One ball of Felici began the journey to turn into a pair of Friday Harbor socks this afternoon. Felici is one of those yarns that doesn’t photograph well; I was never interested in it on the web site or in the catalog, but once I put my hand on it at the warehouse sale, I ended up buying a bunch of it. Not only are the colors lovely, it’s incredibly soft. Plus, it’s a superwash wool/nylon blend!

We also visited the libraries in downtown Portland and Vancouver. I’m very pleased with the selection of knitting books; I ended up grabbing an Elizabeth Zimmerman book (the Knitter’s Almanac) and now I’m seriously thinking about knitting a sweater. Portland is an environment much more conducive to sweater-wearing than Phoenix, certainly. I can’t decide whether I want to try a baby sweater first to get the feel of sweater-making, or jump right in and make one for myself. What do you think?

It turns out that the lace on the baby blanket I’ve been working on is the selfsame lace from the February Baby Sweater. It’s a lovely four-row, seven-stitch repeat, easily memorized and simple enough to knit in public.

So that’s my crafting status right now. I’m almost to the point where I’ll post photos of my craft room and my yarn stash – maybe later this week, even. I did manage to get Alvida set up and spinning, though she needs some oil, I think.

How are all of you? Check your gauge or tell me about your favorite yarn surprise – or weigh in on my sweater adventure!


~ by Amber on September 16, 2011.

One Response to “Friday Gauge Check: Nesting”

  1. It so happens, boys and girls, that the Knit Picks corporate offices are right here in Vancouver.

    I suspect that this might be why you ended up living in Vancouver instead rather than Portland proper even if it was totally not on purpose. 😉

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