Friday Gauge Check: Ready to Move

I talked yesterday about taking the art off the walls.  Today, we emptied out the bookshelves in the dining room and the bedroom, and they went off to their new home.  The finches have been moved to the smaller cage, so they have a chance to get settled in it before we start disrupting their universe further.

This month’s emotional state has been a continual pendulum swing between excitement and terror, a state that will likely continue until we arrive at our new home.  There is so much uncertainty, but I want this more than I’ve wanted anything in a long time.  This is the move I am meant to make, this is the place I am meant to go.

Previous moves have always been incredibly stressful, but in a different way: what I was afraid of was the sheer act of getting everything done before the deadline.  Isabel was as useless and distressed as a cat in a move, even though moving was always her idea.  She started out excited, but she was never willing to put the work into getting everything packed up and physically shifted.  Shortly after we would get the keys to the new place, she would decide that she could no longer go back to the old place, leaving me to finish the bulk of the moving and cleaning.

This move is not like that.

The simple fact that Jack is just as dedicated to the move as I am, is eager to help in every way possible, makes everything I’m doing seem so much more possible.  I cannot say enough good things about having a reliable partner and a healthy relationship.

I haven’t been spinning much.  The variegated blue wool was giving me fits – it broke, it disintegrated, it just wouldn’t spin well – so I put it aside, Navajo-plied the white Corriedale cross that had been sitting on one bobbin, and started working on a plain dark blue Merino.  That’s working better, but now I have to get past this restless dread that I’m going to have problems when I sit down at the wheel.

So, instead, I’ve been knitting.  (I know, you’re all surprised.)  I managed to force myself to do a few more rows of the Argyle State University scarf (remember that?).  We went and saw Green Lantern and African Cats, and I worked on the December Little Shawl (stockinette stitch makes excellent movie-theatre knitting).  The first Swan Maiden Mitt is done, and the second one has a complete cuff and I’ve started on the lace pattern.

Tuesday, one of my tires gave up the ghost, so I spent Wednesday morning getting the front tires replaced.  Hello, unexpected expense!  I suppose it’s better that it go flat now, as opposed to halfway between Quartzsite and Blythe, or somewhere equally miserable and lonely.

Goals!  Next week, I want to get back into spinning, get that damn ASU scarf finished, and get everything packed that can be.  I think that will be enough work for at least two of me.

If you would like to donate to the cause of getting us safely moved, Jack is doing Tarot readings.  I also do Tarot readings, Reiki healings and attunements, editing and proofreading, writing and advice-giving, and a certain amount of knitting on demand; if you would like any of these services, drop me a line at rippingback at gmail dot com.

~ by Amber on August 12, 2011.

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