Friday Gauge Check: Vegas Bound Edition

Jack was sick for the first half of the week, and that was disruptive enough that I felt like I never quite caught up, but I decided partway through that it didn’t really matter anyway, so I was going to stop putting pressure on myself.

From time to time, deciding “I just don’t care that much,” is very freeing. If you don’t care that much all the time, that’s a red flag to look at your life and your relationships, because you might very well need to let go of something or someone. I love my life, I’m happy with my job, but it’s very draining, and this week I just needed to give myself permission to relax.

So instead of knitting, or writing, or weaving, I played a lot of Jak and Daxter, which is totally the kind of not-very-deep, fun-to-play adventure game that I love. I still did a little bit of knitting every day – I got the second Personal Footprint sock up to the leg line, where I’m going to have to pull the book out again and look at Cat Bordhi’s instructions again. I finished the third level of the dish scrubbie, so now all it lacks is the i-cord and being seamed together. I totally love knitting i-cord, so I might do a little bit of “if I seam the first one, I can knit some i-cord,” negotiations with myself.  I cast on a dishcloth as well, and I’m working through a slip-stitch colorwork pattern that requires a little bit of attention but goes fairly quickly.

We’re going to Vegas this weekend. My mom and Favorite Aunt C are out there for the long weekend, and they invited us to come up so they can meet Jack. He’s nervous, which I find totally adorable. They’re already inclined to love him because a) he treats me well, and b) Mom’s Psychic Friend told her that angels were watching over him while he was in the hospital last September, and that’s convinced her that he’s a good guy. It still weirds me out that my mom is now pro-psychic, but this is me, avoiding that gift horse’s mouth.

Of course, most of my packing-for-Vegas thoughts have involved yarn – what knitting projects to bring along, especially since I’m at an awkward place with my in-progress sock. Last night, I just grabbed some random needles and skeins, and I’ll see what comes of it. I’m also trying to decide whether to bring my loom, which is small and very portable. I’m leaning against it, though, just because I don’t have a case for it and I don’t want to risk it getting banged up. Plus, I still haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do with the warp. I might take that too-big dark brown yarn I was going to use for the Skull Isle hat and see what becomes of it; brown and gold look good together in general, and at least it won’t look like I was trying for a Gryffindor scarf and failing.

The problem with my loom is that I need a table to lean it against while I’m weaving, and the workspace that includes my desk is such a disaster area right now that I don’t even want to go over there. Maybe I’ll try and get that straightened out next weekend. Another drawback to 45-hour workweeks is, by the time I get to the weekend, I don’t really want to do anything strenuous, and we’ve put off doing any errands, so we barely spend any time at home anyway. After a weekend in Vegas, though, I like the idea of spending the next weekend mostly homebound. There is that fiber and wool festival in Flagstaff next Saturday, though….

I’m back working my way through Naomi Novik’s Temeraire audiobooks again. I’m into book 5, and I’m still very much enjoying them. They make the workday go much faster. My favorite thus far is still the second book, Empire of Jade. The strange thing about these books, and this is almost-but-not-quite a complaint, is that I can never tell which direction they’re going. Normally when I read (or listen to) a book, I get a feel for the direction the plot is going to take, which characters are going to be important and how, and so on. It’s not that everything is predictable so much as that I’m good at picking out patterns, I think. Like I said, I’m into the fifth book, and I have no idea what’s going to happen. She is particularly good at handing me character red herrings; I have yet to actually guess what role a character’s going to play in a given book. Not exactly a complaint… except that it sort of is. Also, my favorite character doesn’t get nearly enough book time, and that frustrates me too.

Overall, though, it’s a fun listen and a believably complicated universe. She’s done a great job considering what impact the presence of dragons would have not only on England, but on the entire world, particularly when it comes to colonialism. (Envision, if you will, how the Spanish conquistadores might have fared in South America if faced with a native population who rode dragons.)

That’s about all I have for today, and I’m not going to set goals for next week beyond enjoying my trip and working my hours next week.

~ by Amber on May 27, 2011.

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