Friday Gauge Check: Opening a Hole to Monsterland

No, the title isn’t really related to the post; they said it on TV and I thought it was funny.

I’m sorry for the radio silence; I blame my 45-hour workweek.  Give me a couple of more weeks and I think I’ll have adjusted to it and be able to post more, but right now I’m just brain-fried at the end of the day.

Work has been really good, though.  I feel incredibly appreciated and valuable.  Let me tell you how valuable I feel, because this is pretty amazing.  The project we’re working on has two major and three minor components.  The design lead for one of the major components has some health issues, and she was out sick two days this week.  I handled it as best I could, which apparently was even better than I thought.  This afternoon, the design lead and the overall team lead put me in charge of parts 2 and 3 of the project.  After a week and a half on the job.

So there’s that.

I’ve been knitting a little.  I did finish Jack’s grey scarf over the weekend.  I’m working on the leg of the second Hiss sock, the foot of the second Personal Footprint sock, and I picked the second Codename: Evergreen glove up again and did four cable repeats.  I re-warped my loom and… am distinctly unimpressed with the results I’m getting, so I’m going to have to re-think my original plan.  Maybe a dishcloth, just to use the warp up.

I wrote some more, and I have hope of getting the Final Fantasy Exchange fic completed in time.

That’s about all I have brain for talking about.  How was your week?

~ by Amber on May 6, 2011.

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