Friday Gauge Check: Vacation Edition

Sorry I’ve been so quiet this week, I took an impromptu mini-vacation.  We’d been planning to go out of town, but between Jack’s school schedule and our financial status, decided to just stay home and enjoy each other’s company.  A happy relationship is one where you can spend days on end together and not get tired of each other, and ours is a very happy relationship.

Wednesday was my birthday – thank you to all the well-wishers.  I had a wonderful day.  We did a little shopping, and I scored a practically-new Hello Kitty shoulder bag at the thrift store, picked up used copies of parts 2 and 3 of Jak and Daxter, Lego Indiana Jones, and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.  (Watching that movie made me want to play the game, not gonna lie.)  We also went to the library, poked around the bookstore, and wandered around the mall.  We had dinner at Benihana, which was tons of fun, and subsidized by the fact that if you join their Chef’s Table club, you get a $30 meal voucher for your birthday.

Thursday I had an interview for a temp position.  It would be very short term – while someone’s out on maternity leave – the pay wouldn’t be very good, and it would be about 20 minutes from my house, but at this point, any port in a storm, right?  I felt very good about it.

So you may remember that two weeks ago I had an interview that I thought went well, but I didn’t hear anything back from.  I talked about it in my Ripping Out the Needles gauge check.  It was actually a two-interview process, one with a recruiter in north Scottsdale (which is what brought me to review Jessica Knits) and the second with the company in Chandler.  Wednesday, I got an email from the recruiter asking if I was still available, because the company had another position.  He actually apologized for not getting back to me, which was nice.  Not quite a palliative to my splintered ego, but nice.  Yes, I said, I am still available.  What I was expecting was a follow-up phone call to schedule another interview, because it was a big company and he had told me that he recruited for them frequently.  What I got Thursday was a follow-up phone call saying that the guy I’d interviewed with had another opening and wanted me for it.  The position I was interested in, in the department I loved, with the people I wanted to work with, making reasonable (not spectacular, but better than I’d hoped) money, for a company I felt like I could support working for.  Could I start next week?


I’ve completed the paperwork, and now I’m just waiting for the confirmation of the start date, which involves some bureaucratic red tape on their end, but shouldn’t be any later than Wednesday.

My takeaway lesson? Don’t be afraid to tell the universe what you want.  It might take a little longer than you expect it to, but you just might get it.

I did some drop spindling, and I spent some time spinning on the Kromski Sonata at TYF yesterday. (GOAL MET.)  I spun a merino-silk blend for the first time, and it made an absolutely gorgeous yarn.  The Sonata is a lovely wheel, and I enjoyed spinning on her.  The Joy is still my first love, but I certainly wouldn’t turn this one down if someone decided to give her to me.

Oh, let me back up and explain why I was spinning on the Sonata.  Last week, I mentioned that something was wrong with my loom.  That “something” was the fact that there were not holes drilled for the pawls, which are little bird-like hooks that hold the ratchets in place.  I made a post on the Rigid Heddle community on Ravelry asking for advice, and was assured that there should be holes.  Someone came along Tuesday night and said that she’d had the same problem, and she had emailed Tim at New Voyager, the U.S. distributor of Kromski products, and he’d sent her a new side frame.  So I emailed him, sending him some pictures of my loom.  First thing Wednesday morning,  he gets back to me – he can either tell me the dimensions where the holes should be and I can drill them, or he can send me a new side frame.  I don’t have a drill, and while Jack wants to get a drill, I didn’t want to rush out and buy a cheap one because we needed one RIGHT THEN.  I also didn’t want to risk damaging my loom, so I asked him to send me a new frame.  Is there any way I can get it before Saturday? I asked.  My weaving class is Saturday, and it would be nice to have my loom with me, although I can use a shop loom.

The only response I get is around 5:00 PM, and it’s a tracking number from the post office.  Which brings us back to today – according to the tracking number, the package is out for delivery, so I should be getting it this afternoon.  I can’t say enough good things about the speed and quality of that kind of customer service, and as a result, I decided that I would also try at least one Kromski spinning wheel before I made my final decision, and possibly others.  I stopped into TYF yesterday to pick up a size 1 needle and Jack suggested I go ahead and try the Sonata.

Let’s see, other goals from last week:  I finished the first Hiss test sock by the deadline, gave it to Jack to try on, and discovered it was too long for him.  After I sent completed pictures to the pattern writer, I pulled off the afterthought toe (it’s an afterthought style but a toe-up sock – would that make it a beforethought toe?), ripped it all the way back and am reknitting it, starting with more cast-on stitches to make it both less weirdly pointy and shorter.

Jack bought me another set of size 2 DPNs so that I can work on the Codename: Wintergreen glove again.  Immediately two of them got grabbed to hold the live stitches on the foot of the Hiss sock, but there are three remaining, so I can still work on the Wintergreen glove.

The reason I was at TYF picking up a size 1 circular needle (an Addi Lace, 40″) is because I was trying to cast on the Skull Isle hat, but just couldn’t get gauge on the size 2 needle.  I went smaller, still couldn’t get gauge, and then realized that the REASON I probably couldn’t get gauge is that the pattern called for a light fingering yarn and I was using a sport weight.  I apparently fail at reading comprehension.  So, at some point I’m going to have to find a light fingering in an appropriate brown – possibly by ordering a couple of skeins of Palette, but I’m going to try and source it locally first.  I’m going to call that goal met, because I DID cast on something new, even if I ended up ripping it all out again.

I didn’t end up reading a book on weaving, so I’ll bump that goal out to the near future.

I also mostly avoided people’s passive-aggressive bullshit, which made for a very nice vacation.

Next week, my goals are simple:

– Start my new job (!!).

– Knit something every day, even if it’s just the Purse Sock.

– Weave!

– Have fun.

Please check your gauge and party in the comments.

~ by Amber on April 22, 2011.

One Response to “Friday Gauge Check: Vacation Edition”

  1. Congratulations on the new job!!! That’s a very shiny gift from the universe. Well-timed, too.

    And belated happy birthday!

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