Friday Gauge Check: ENNUI Edition

Yeah, I’m a grumpy kitten this afternoon, and I’m not even sure why.

Okay, that’s not actually true.  I’m feeling like something goes wrong with everything I’ve been excited about or pouring energy into lately.  My new loom doesn’t seem to have a pair of holes drilled where the assembly instructions say holes should be, and everything I’ve been trying to read about weaving is written in a totally different language.  The assembly instructions use very specific terms for the parts, without defining what any of the terms mean or labeling the diagram or anything.  The yarn I’ve been using for the pattern I’m testing is thick-and-thin, and I’m not totally happy with it.  I put two of my size 2 DPNs in the Personal Footprint sock to hold stitches, and now I can’t work on the Codename: Wintergreen glove.  I have two commissions I should be working on, but I AM FILLED WITH ENNUI.

Ennui is such a wonderful word.

I feel like I want to do something different, but I don’t know what, and coming up with something new to do takes too much effort.

So, here’s some stuff I need to do:

– Finish the first Hiss Sock

– Figure out a better way to hold my live stitches and use them so that I can reclaim my size-2 DPNs

– Cast on one of the projects that’s looming. At least that will be something different!

– Read a book on weaving.

– Figure out what’s wrong with my loom and fix it.

– Spin.  I really need some relaxation and meditation, and spinning is good for that.

– Call people on their passive-aggressive bullshit with kindness and courtesy.

People are coming to me for emotional support.  I don’t mind that; in fact I enjoy it.  (One of the people coming to me for emotional support is the last person who should ever come to me for emotional support. Admittedly there’s a certain amount of schadenfreude that comes with seeing her in emotional distress and admitting certain truths that I never thought I’d hear. But it’s not what I really need right now.)  There is a certain amount of passive-aggressive bullshit going on, and yet I have not grabbed anyone and shaken them and I have resisted the urge to bully anyone.  Maybe that’s why I’m so tired.

Healthy adults communicate their wants, needs, and desires to one another.

That is all.

Please feel free to communicate your wants, needs, and desires in the comments.

~ by Amber on April 15, 2011.

One Response to “Friday Gauge Check: ENNUI Edition”

  1. I don’t suppose something as simple as another pair of size 2 DPNs would help?

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