Startitis, Overthink, and a Lack of Accomplishment

I discovered that you can get Lego Harry Potter for the iPad, so guess where all my time has gone to?  I have to say that it’s a beautiful port, and the same sorts of things that work for the DS work really well on the iPad.  (Example: spell-casting involves drawing shapes on the screen.  The full-sized touch screen makes it a lot of fun.)  I’ve finished the first play-through of the first two years, and I’m working on Year 3.

I had an interview on Tuesday, and they said they’d be making the decision on Friday, so wish me luck. It’s not a very exciting job, but it would be a paying job, and that would be nice to have.

Knitting-wise, I did finish the first of the Celtic Moonrise Mittens, and while I’m happy with the design, I’m worried about where the thumb hole ended up.  I think I might have to pull out the bind-off, rip back the decreases, and add more length to the hand in order for it to fit correctly.  I’m working on the second one right now rather than throwing myself into repairs right away, because… well, because that’s what I’m in the mood to do.  I’m almost done with the first cable pattern repeat.

I don’t  have anything new on the needles, because I can’t figure out what I want to do next.  What I suspect will come is a lace shawl, because I’ve been poking at shawl patterns for a couple of weeks now.  You may remember that I have this beautiful grey handspun from the Ren Fair, and I think a shawl would be a very appropriate project for it.  (Yes, another grey project!  I’m not sure what this says about me.)  The only reason that I haven’t started the shawl yet is that the instructions start, “Using the long-tail method, cast on 241 stitches.”  Yeah.  I’ll get there.  Just… that’s a lot of stitches.  And if I don’t leave enough tail, I will be left with the unenviable task of ripping back all of the stitches and trying again.

Meanwhile, I found this fantastic sock pattern… and it calls for DK weight yarn. If you need me, I’ll be curled up in the piles of fingering-weight yarn that I bought for socks, repeating to myself that since it’s a cuff-down pattern, I probably wouldn’t like it ANYWAY.  Or maybe I’ll just sneak a couple of DK-weight balls of yarn into my next KnitPicks order.  Jack won’t complain, since they’d be for him anyway.

I’ve been thinking about a rigid-heddle loom (which is a little loom, suitable for tabletop weaving).  The plan was originally to get a wheel first, then a loom, but the rigid-heddle looms are considerably less expensive than my Joy will be, and I can probably start producing salable woven goods faster than I’ll be able to produce salable handspun.  The issue is, there’s not a rigid-heddle class that fits into my schedule during the month of April, as it stands.  However, I taught myself to knit using books and the internet – I should be able to teach myself to weave the same way, right? Hopefully those aren’t famous last words. I’m good with books and following diagrams and written instructions, though, so I suppose we’ll see.

We’ll see as soon as I save up enough for the loom, at least.

I think I’ve actually settled on a sock pattern and yarn, and I’m actually going to get with the cast-on. For the record? It’s not grey.


~ by Amber on March 24, 2011.

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