Some things that are grey

Currently and strangely, there are a lot of grey things in my life right now. Not grey in the depressing sense, but the color.

One thing that is not grey but is finished are Abby’s butterfly socks, in time to get mailed. I knitted these socks in a week, and I wasn’t entirely monogamous. Also not grey: the four rows of Argyle State scarf, and the wrist decreases and thumb gusset on my Wintergreen Mitts. Both of those are burgundy. The yarn I spun more of is also burgundy.

The first grey thing is eight ounces of alpaca top, in the most beautiful natural silver-grey. I initially thought about dying it, but it’s such a gorgeous color that I think it would be criminal to alter it. Eight ounces is a lot of fiber, so I think I shall have to wait until I have saved for my wheel.

The second grey thing is the first Celtic Moonlight Mitten, which is now sneakily sitting there and suggesting that it’s too small. The recipient has bigger hands than me, and while my closed fist fits comfortably inside, I am afraid that I should have used a larger needle. I’m considering casting on the second ball with a larger needle and seeing how it looks.

The third grey thing is my computer, which got its DVD-ROM drive replaced. Now I may be able to watch the Elizabeth Zimmermann DVD I found at the library! The little branch nearby also has a Lucy Neatby DVD, and I hear those are also marvelous.

Something that isn’t grey is the skein of laceweight Malabrigo that keeps whispering to me about how it really wants to be a shawl. It doesn’t seem to want to take, “Not now, I’m busy,” as an answer. Neither does that voice in my head that keeps pointing out how i don’t have any socks on the needles right now, and yet I have sock yarn. And this hat in my queue, whining. Whining! I’ve never had a case of startitis that involved the projects complaining at me. Is this common?

I think I need to cast something on now.

~ by Amber on March 17, 2011.

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