Friday Gauge Check: Tired Amber is Tired

I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted to do this week, but I do feel like I accomplished stuff.  I talked about my knitting the other day, and not a lot has changed, except that I’ve made more progress.  I’ve just about finished the heel flaps on Abby’s birthday socks, finished the third pattern repeat on the Celtic Moonrise mittens, and made some more progress on Jack’s scarf.

We went up to the Scottsdale Festival of the Arts today, and while there was an incredible dearth of yarn, there were some lovely woven pieces, quite a bit of fabric collage, and this incredible scarf that was basically couture chainmaille.  (Wanted. So. Badly.)  Fabric collage is a direction I think I’m going, whether it’s making frankengarments out of multiple reclaimed pieces, or more traditional artistic collage, or some combination.  I did pick up a small finch print for my collection.  (Yes, I have both a collection of small finch prints, and a collection of finches.)

While running around, we stopped by one of the local Borders that’s closing, and discovered that the sale was as high as 40% off some categories of books, so I ended up picking up a book on microwave canning (what could possibly go wrong?) and a notebook for inspiration and design notes.

And then, in the early evening, I checked my reading list and saw a post from a friend who’s watching someone else in a situation that sounds terrifyingly like my own hurricane.

I had a panic attack.  It left me totally exhausted, and I find that I can’t even really talk about it now.

I’m not nearly as healed as I thought I was.

~ by Amber on March 11, 2011.

One Response to “Friday Gauge Check: Tired Amber is Tired”

  1. I really think you are. It's just like "the last 10 pounds": the final little bit, the few remaining triggers, just hang on for a long, long, lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time. =/

    Take care of yourself. 🙂

    (And you are a knitting mastah, let me tell you.)

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