This week has been an uphill battle.

Blogging is very difficult with a cat lying on your arms.

I don’t have a cat.  I have four finches and three rats.  But our complex is one that is rife with stray cats, and we started feeding them awhile ago, and we made particular friends with one of them.  So he visits us regularly, particularly in the evening, when he’ll come to the back door and paw at it until one of us lets him in.  He’s housetrained, and he understands words like “no” and “down,” but (like most cats) doesn’t always think they apply to him.  Also he likes to lay in my lap and knead my chest or arm, and he’s VERY SHARP.  He can’t ever be our cat, however, because he likes to hunt birds.  A lot.  He left us a dead pigeon on the porch the other night, so I can’t even trust that he likes to hunt birds but isn’t good at it, like most cats.  My cage full of finches is the most fascinating thing in the world to him, so he can’t be left unsupervised – so he can’t stay in the house when we’re asleep or not at home.  It’s really too bad, because otherwise he’s a gentleman cat and would make a splendid addition to the family.

In other news, I had my second spinning class on Monday, and plied the two colors of yarn together to make an absolutely gorgeous colorway I’m calling Sedona Sunset.  I’ll try and remember to get some pictures tomorrow, while there’s still light out.

We went to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday, and despite the chaotic weather (wind! then cold and rain!) had a fantastic time.  A lot of that is just because spending time with Jack is fun, no matter what we’re doing.  Even cleaning the house is fun when he’s helping me.

Unsurprisingly, I ended up buying a lot of yarn – one of the local re-enactment groups has a “local village” setup, and they create and sell yarn and knitted goods and lace bookmarks and the like.  Jack picked out a beautiful burnt orange/yellow wool, and I made another pair of the Merrymeeting Mitts out of it for him.  This is the first pattern I’ve ever really done twice, and it’s well-written and easy enough that I feel like I could do it again.  I’ve never had a go-to pattern before; usually anything I make two of is boring by the time I’m finished.  Maybe because it’s so simple, I don’t have to really consult the pattern more than a few times, so it’s just relaxing.

I got two skeins of grey heathered wool for me, and a stick-weaving…loom?  It’s not quite a loom, because it’s just a set of sticks, but it acts like a loom.  I also picked up a pair of size-11 wooden needles from a vendor that mostly makes hairsticks.  She’s a knitter herself, and they’re absolutely gorgeous.  Again, will take pictures tomorrow.

I spun with my drop spindle again today, and I’m getting better at it, and it’s fun, but not nearly as satisfying as spinning with the wheel.  I really want one, and they’re not cheap (the Ashford Joy runs about $500), so it’ll be a while before I can get it.  It’s funny to say this, but I feel like wanting a spinning wheel is another step in the healing process.  During the hurricane, there wasn’t any point in wanting things, so I just… stopped.  I would be interested in things, briefly, and then I’d just let them go and forget about them, because there’d be no point.  Occasionally Isabel would decide that she wanted me to buy myself something, but it rarely had anything to do with what I actually wanted or needed.  But a spinning wheel is something that I genuinely want for myself, and I have hope that I’ll be able to get one, sooner or later.  In the meantime, I’ll play with my drop spindle, and run up to TYF and play with their Joy, and watch Craigslist, and wait, and hope.



~ by Amber on February 24, 2011.

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