Friday Gauge Check: Where Did Today Go?

No, really, where did it go?

Okay, that’s not entirely accurate. It went in a bunch of different directions, many of them creative and even more of them positive. Today has been a fantastic day, and overall it’s been a pretty good week.

Some stuff, in no particular order!

As I mentioned yesterday, I picked up an iPad, and I’m pretty happy with it, although there is still a lingering voice in the back of my head that wonders if I need it. (Last night, the voice was joined with another one that insists that I could have gotten a loom AND a wheel for the cost of the iPad, and I am a Bad Crafter for not choosing to do so. This may not actually be true, but it’s close enough for the voice to feel superior.)

Regardless, Jack has informed me that we’re going down to Tempe Yarn and Fiber tomorrow and signing me up for the spinning class. He also provided me with some funds to increase my stash, and work on those projects that live in my head. (Really, I have the best fiancé. If I had to put up with Hurricane Isabel in order to end up with him, it was worth everything that happened.)

I mailed the Hermione Gloves, and they reached their new owner, who is not only thrilled with them, her mother’s potentially interested in a commission of her own. It’s good to see that an appreciation for handknits runs in the family.

Creatively, I’ve been doing quite a bit of writing. Nothing ready for prime time, but it’s in a shared universe and counts as original rather than fanfic. I’m only up to 10.5 repeats on the Argyle State University scarf, (yes, I only did one all week) mostly because I haven’t been working on it. I’ve heard several people refer to “potato chip knitting,” which is the phenomenon of finding a knitting project that you just don’t want to stop working on, for whatever reason. The Green Simplicity Socks – the ones I frogged and re-cast on – are totally like this. I’m about halfway through the gusset increases and I just can’t stop. I just stopped to measure them, and they’re up to 7″ long each. Which means I have knit 14″ of sock this week, not counting the inevitable tinking. (Tink: “knit,” backwards; it means to carefully un-knit one stitch at a time to get back to the problem area. It’s like ripping back, to a lesser degree.) The pattern is memorable but interesting, and watching the stripes appear is just fascinating. It’s turned me into a temporarily monogamous knitter. This, despite the fact that I have a skein of Malabrigo lace weight with the needles sitting on top of it, and the additional motivation that my hands are cold and another pair of fingerless gloves would be really nice about now! IT DOES NOT MATTER NEXT TO THE POWER OF SELF-STRIPING SOCK YARN.

Just talking about it makes me want to pick my needles back up, despite the fact that I’m exhausted and I really ought to finish this post.

I didn’t hit most of my goals this week, but I’m happy enough with what I did do that it isn’t bothering me.

I did remember to play; those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I’m cheating on my PS2 with my Wii. Hey, I can’t be both a monogamous knitter AND a monogamous gamer at the same time, right? I found a copy of Epic Mickey at the used bookstore, and I’ve been playing almost every evening. It’s not the best game in terms of gameplay, almost entirely because of the camera angles, but the visuals are incredible, the world is compelling, and the story is OMG THE SADDEST THING EVER. Plus, you have the option of befriending your opponents rather than killing them, and there are consequences either way. It’s like Black and White meets Kingdom Hearts, with Roger Rabbit providing the mechanics.

Goals for next week? Spinning class, yarn order, cast on the fingerless gloves, maybe finish those socks. More pattern repeats on the Argyle State scarf. More sleep.

Please be entertaining in the comments, as I’m too tired to be very interesting all by myself.

~ by Amber on February 5, 2011.

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