Friday Gauge Check: Crafting Week

Friday again! Which means it’s time for the gauge check, which I’m actually writing during the afternoon.

This week has been fantastic, in terms of playing at professional crafter. I’ve spent serious time knitting every day, managed to keep up with the blog, and I even wrote some, although nothing that’s ready for public dissemination. I had a day and a half of migraine, but still am ending the week feeling relatively relaxed and productive.

So let’s talk about what I got accomplished, shall we?

I’m up to nine and a half pattern repeats on the Argyle State University scarf, and I have no doubt that I’ll be at ten by the end of the day. I’ve gotten to the point where a row takes me about 20 minutes. I had to put it down due to the headache, but I feel like I’m making good progress.

Remember how my goal last week was to cast on Hermione Glove #2? Well, last night I finished them. Completely. Both of them have thumbs! And I have woven in what felt like 9,000 ends, but was really closer to… a lot. Really a lot. At least 50, actually, because each stripe had two ends, each glove has eleven stripes, and each thumb has two stripes each. So yes, a lot of finishing. I need to block them and then put them in the mail, and that commission will be finished. One thing to be said about plain stockinette stitch: it’s really fast.

I also managed to get the #3 cable needle, and cast on the green socks for Jack. I’m doing it toe-up, two-at-a-time, which is fantastic, except that I don’t think I’m doing the increases correctly and it looks wonky, so I’m probably going to rip it all back and do it again. It’s a new technique, so I’m not surprised that it might take me more than one try to get it perfect. I went and looked up a YouTube video that explains the technique, and now I am both enlightened and feeling kind of dumb… but how on earth was I supposed to extrapolate doing that from the description or the picture? No idea.

The thing that I’m finding most frustrating right now is a lack of money to invest in my business. I’d really like to buy some more yarn so I can work on design, and I really want to take classes in spinning and weaving and increase my skill set. Of course, without a job, I have lots of time that I could be devoting to this, but I can’t pay for it. I’m taking commissions again, so if anybody wants something knitted or crocheted (or knows somebody who wants something), please let me know. I’m relatively fearless, so even if I’ve never done it before, I’m willing to try.

Next week’s activity, aside from crafting, will be looking at grad schools. As much as I’d love to be a professional crafter, I’d also love to be a professional counselor, so: grad school. I’m looking here, of course, but also at schools in the Pacific Northwest. Much as I would love to be closer to my family, I’m not really thrilled about the idea of moving to the Southeast. I’m really much more of a West Coast kind of girl. Southern California would be lovely, but everyone else thinks it’s lovely too, so it’s prohibitively expensive. Plus, their state schools are facing even more severe budget cuts than ours are.


Keep going with the Argyle State University Scarf. Twenty minutes a row, fourteen rows, that’s… okay, that’s depressing. Back to listening to podcasts, and no more double-knitted scarf commissions.

Master the backwards loop increase and work on the socks. Because socks are fun.

Design something. Because design is also fun.

Start a new project. While I’m content having a monogamous relationship, I’m not really cut out to be a monogamous knitter. And I need a portable project, which the socks aren’t quite, since I’m tied to the book, and 9.5 pattern repeats makes for a very bulky scarf. Maybe a hat.

Playing is still important. I haven’t picked up my video game at all this week, mostly because I can’t play when I have a headache. I did start re-reading the Vorkosigan Saga, which I love. It’s fiction! This makes me happy.

I’d like four posts next week. Not enough that I’ll feel guilty if I don’t manage it, but I think it’s something I can do. What would you guys like me to talk about? It can be about knitting, or relationships, or art, or whatever.

That’s my week. How’s yours?

~ by Amber on January 28, 2011.

One Response to “Friday Gauge Check: Crafting Week”

  1. Sock increases:

    I just remember where the yarn wants to fall- M1R, it falls to the back, M1L, it wants to go to the front. I’d explain how I do them, but I don’t know if you’re a picker or a thrower. I carry my working yarn in my right hand. Since you crocheted first, I would assume you pick.

    I could be wrong. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s not too hard once you stare at it long enough. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Either way, I looooove my two-at-a-time socks (but I use two circulars). Working on a new pair right now. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good luck!

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