Ten Things I’d Like To Do

Last night, I finally went down and bought the needle I needed to cast on Jack’s toe-up two-at-a-time socks. So yesterday in my “professional crafter” role, I wound a ball of yarn (I really need a ball winder!) and did an entire pattern repeat on the Argyle State University scarf, then stopped working…and did personal knitting. So there’s no longer any question about my ability to knit all day.

I saw somebody doing a “Ten for Tuesday” list, and it’s no longer Tuesday, but I liked the idea. So, here are ten crafty things I want to do. These aren’t as formal as goals, or as nebulous as dreams, just… stuff I want to accomplish, eventually, as a knitter.

1. Knit a sweater. I’ve never actually made one. Granted, there isn’t a lot of need for sweaters in Arizona, but I’d still like to make one.

2. Try Fair Isle. But not a sweater. At this point, I’ve done double-knitting and stripes; Fair Isle seems like the next logical step.

3. Take something from design to finished object. I even have a couple of sketches sitting on my desk, waiting for me to work on them.

4. Grow my stash. I know, right? What kind of knitter needs to grow her stash? This girl. Because when I started knitting, I had the idea that I would only buy yarn for projects, and while I haven’t quite stuck to that, I don’t have a very versatile stash. One of the reasons I haven’t started my design project is because I don’t have the yarn, and I only need a little bit of five colors, but I’m going to have to buy at least six balls of yarn to do it. To keep my stash from taking over my apartment, I need to go through and pull out the stuff I bought as part of a bag of other yarn, or before I learned the wonder of natural fibers, and get rid of it.

5. Spinning and dying my own yarn. Technically that’s two things, and neither of them are knitting. Think of it as advanced knitting prep.

6. Take more commissions. I’m a process knitter, so selling what I make is ideal. Also, it gives me the chance to try stuff that I’d never want to make for myself.

7. Hats. I love hats! Why haven’t I made any? Really, I think it’s a combination of stash size and needle diversity; I don’t know that I have a short circular needle and a set of double points in the same size. I wonder if you can magic-loop a hat?

8. Get to the point where “I don’t have that needle size” is no longer an issue. Which will just take time, I know. But I’m impatient.

9. Sew. Which is also not knitting! But I can sew things for my knitting, like linings for bags! Linings are fantastic. Also, “design to finished object” includes bags. Have I mentioned that I love bags? Almost as much as hats.

10. Make more stuff for myself. I’ve made a pair of fingerless mitts, a pair of socks that I don’t wear because I discovered that it was a bad material to make socks out of, a water bottle carrier, and a bag I haven’t finished. I’m bad at making things for me.

So! There are ten things. What do you think? What else should I be doing?


~ by Amber on January 26, 2011.

4 Responses to “Ten Things I’d Like To Do”

  1. You can totally magic loop a hat. 😀

    Your list, minus the hat knitting and the spinning/dying, pretty much mirrors mine. So, replace those two with double knitting and knitting more socks.

    This year, I’m all about knitting for me. Yet, out of the few thing’s I’ve already finished, one was for me. I need to be a more selfish knitter!

    Miss you guys, hugs for you and Jack. ❤

    • I totally want to knit more socks. I’m not sure why I didn’t put that on the list, in fact. 🙂

      Double knitting is totally awesome once you get the hang of it. I support you in this endeavor. Double knit something for yourself!

      We totally miss you too. Are you thinking about going to Stitches West?

      • Double Knitting is high on my list. But later in the year, since it’s already heating up.

        Well, I heard Stitches West was going to be in Riverside or Anaheim. I would have to be in dire straights to miss it if it was going to be that ridiculously close to me. 😀

      • Wheee, nevermind about Stitches. That’s a rumour for next year, I guess. Santa Clara’s six hours away. 0.o I don’t have the money for a room *and* fiber shopping.

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