This week, I’m a professional.

Job hunting. I hate it. I’m not into selling myself, or really into sales at all, and I find the constant attempt to convince someone that I’m wonderful to be exhausting. I’d rather be knitting.

Jack suggested that I spend this week in professional crafter mode. I’ll devote about an hour to job hunting in the morning, and then I will spend the bulk of my day working on my knitting. I have a couple of commissions I’m working on – the Argyle State University scarf and the Hermione Gloves – and I’m thinking about doing some amigurumi design. I made an Evil Wil Wheaton amigurumi that I gave to Regular Wil Wheaton at Phoenix Comicon, and I might make another/different one. Lady Gaga also strikes me as someone whose costumes might lend themselves to small, plush replicas.

I was listening to the Knit Knit Cafe podcast while doing the laundry this afternoon, and he mentioned something that inspired a cascade of knitting design ideas. I’ve never actually done any knitting design before, so I’m really excited by the possibilities. I’ll let you know how they come out.

After much discussion, Jack has decided to get rid of his old, fussy, clunky desktop and buy an iPad. Since I got my iPhone almost two years ago, I do the vast majority of my online stuff with it. The only thing I consistently open my computer for is updating my blog, talking to people on AIM, and looking at knitting patterns – and mostly that’s due to the keyboard size and the battery life. Therefore, we’re going to try being a one-computer household, and I’m going to shift most of my computer and phone usage over to the iPad while he uses my MacBook. I was trying it in the Apple store over the weekend, and I could type almost as fast as I can on the actual keyboard within a few minutes. With some practice – getting rid of the tendency to hit certain keys with the tips of my fingernails rather than the pads of my fingers – I think I will be able to be just as fast and accurate with the iPad keyboard as the laptop.

The upshot of this decision was rearranging the living room. He took his desktop apart (even though we haven’t got the iPad yet, he’s committed to the idea) and turned his workspace into a craft corner for me. I now have all my crafting supplies, tools, and books in one place, and I have a large flat surface to work on. Now all I need is a sewing machine! Once we get the rest of the room straightened out, maybe I’ll post some pictures of my work space. The first thing I used it for was design sketches! I’m excited.

Anyway, my fingers are itching, and I’m almost done with another pattern repeat (this will be seven), so I’m going to get back to work.

~ by Amber on January 24, 2011.

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