Friday Gauge Check: Technically Still Friday Edition

I haven’t been to bed yet on Friday night, so by my own personal lexicon, that makes it still Friday.

I’m shifting from winter break to serious job-hunting, which I really can’t stand. I despise cover letters, and I hate feeling like I have to sell myself. I’m awesome, you want me to work for you, trust me. I will be the best decision you make all year. Just give me a job.

This will be the third post this week, so I’m handily meeting my goal AND keeping up my tradition. This is good, so I’ll work on keeping it up next week. Maybe next week I’ll talk about something other than knitting! Or knitting as an extended metaphor for life. Maybe not.

I’ve managed to be creative every day, mostly because of knitting. I did a pattern repeat and half of a second one on the Argyle State scarf. What I’m going to try and do is half a pattern repeat per day (that’s seven rows, for those of you interested in such details). If it takes me a week to do a pattern repeat, it’ll take me at least six months to finish this thing, and I refuse to spend that much of my life on it. Therefore: stepping up production. While I was avoiding the scarf, and as my reward for working on the scarf, I’m almost done with the first Hermione mitt. I have less than two stripes to go on it. I’m working it in the Knit Picks Andean Silk in the Lettuce and Jade colorways. Andean Silk is a worsted weight superfine alpaca/silk/merino wool blend, and it is absolutely a pleasure to work with. I could knit with this all day. It makes the Cascade 220 I’m making the Argyle State scarf out of feel positively rough.

I also finished the second third of the Super Sekrit Project, which I will report on once it has been given to its recipient. The final segment of the Project will be completed when I figure out what’s wrong with the damned pattern that it keeps coming out lopsided. Bad amigurumi patterns make my life difficult.

I finished Twilight Princess on the Wii, and it was the second-best Zelda game I’ve ever played. (Ocarina of Time is still my first love.) It was not only fun to play, but very intuitive. I could almost always figure out where I was going and what I was supposed to be doing. My only complaints were the final boss battle (because it incorporated elements of my least favorite boss battles and it had me screaming in frustration – but I still managed to beat it on my first try, because there was NO DAMNED WAY I was doing it twice) and the fact that there’s no way to save after it, so there’s no New Game+ type setup. I wanted to go back and finish all the little side quests, but that will be a project for another time. When I did get stuck, incidentally, I used the IGN Twilight Princess Guide, which was a great overall guide without being a turn-by-turn walkthrough. It was written well enough that I could put it down and pick it up as I needed it, rather than feeling like I had to use the whole thing all the way through or else be hopelessly lost when I needed help.

I’m tackling this stack of “games I should play,” a combination of stuff I watched one or the other of my gaming exes play but not finish, stuff I wanted to play but couldn’t, and stuff that’s been given to me. (My gracious houseguest added to the pile with Soul Reaver 2: Legacy of Cain.) After Twilight Princess, I figured I’d stick with the adventure-game end of the RPG pool, so I picked Kingdom Hearts.

Now, the ex started KH, but stopped in the Cave of Wonders, complaining about the camera angles. I really wanted to see the story, though, because I have a bad habit of writing fic for games I haven’t played, and this is one of them. I really wanted to play this game, but then. Oh, then. I waded through seemingly hours of dumb plot I wasn’t interested in, whipped through Wonderland, sauntered into Olympus… and got stuck. So I went to Deep Jungle, solved the mini-games, went from the treehouse to the camp to the treehouse to the camp approximately SEVEN THOUSAND TIMES for the plot (when you don’t know what to do next? Go back to the camp!), fell out of the trees on to the hippos approximately five hundred times, FINALLY got to the boss…and got stuck. I killed Ganondorf on the first play-through, guys. I’m not a bad gamer. I’ve beaten plenty of games, and it’s rare that I get stuck on any boss, anywhere, for more than an hour or so. When I do, usually I can put the game down overnight and come back in the morning and win. But after getting killed three times in a row while trying to use a potion, I admitted to myself that I didn’t care for the main characters, and I actively hated most of the gameplay. It’s a three-fer: awkward battle system, bad AI for party members (instead of sensibly letting me control my THREE PARTY MEMBERS myself, for crying out loud), and dear God the terrible camera angles. It took me three tries more than it should have to bust the barrels on the longer course because the camera kept getting hung up around the corner and I couldn’t see what I was doing. Plus, shifting the camera hit the edge of the reason that I can’t play first-person shooters; namely, I get motion sickness. I don’t get motion sick at any point I am in actual motion, but I get dizzy playing Quake, go figure. (I totally just dated myself there, I know.)

So! I committed some emotional honesty by admitting that I was unhappy and not having fun, and I QUIT PLAYING. Extra bonus goal for me, there. Maybe I’ll just go hunt up the cut scenes. If they wrote a KH game with Leon, Yuffie, and Aeris having wacky adventures together, I would play that game all day long. But Sora is irritating, and while I’m a huge Disney fan, I’ve never been fond of the original mouse cartoons, and of the original cast, I only like Donald and Goofy in about two-minute spans. An entire game following Brat Child and the Lost Mouseketeers sounds like the worst time ever. I’m going to try and get a hold of Epic Mickey instead.

Going back to the pile, I picked up Final Fantasy X… and I made myself stop to write this post and go to bed at a semi-decent hour. This game is totally fun, I like the mechanics, I dig the sphere system (thus far), I like all the characters (even Tidus!). (After Sora, NO ONE is irritating.) The plot is interesting, if a little AMV-heavy, but it’s an interesting mix where you’ll get two or three minutes of AMV, then five minutes of gameplay, then two more minutes of AMV. So at least it’s well-mixed. On the other hand, if I just had a 15-minute AMV sequence I could get some knitting done; these segments are short enough that I can’t really put down my controller. I realize that this would not be a bad thing for anyone else, but I’m special that way.

Remaining on my pile is the aforementioned Soul Reaver, several Final Fantasies (VII, VIII, X-2, XII), Chrono Cross, Xenogears, and some other miscellaneous stuff. Jak and Daxter. Okage. Metroid Prime, which I got stuck on a boss and put down overnight, and never quite got back to. FF XII I’ve actually played quite a bit on, but I put it down at about the same time I put down MP, and again, never quite got back to. I tend to game in cycles, where I’ll play obsessively for a few weeks and then stop for a few months. However, Jack likes watching me play, so I’m trying to play mostly when he’s home. This may help with the obsessiveness, which may contribute to the longevity.

Now that I’ve bored all of you rambling on about video games, let’s look at next week’s goals!

Three and a half pattern repeats on the Argyle State University scarf. I’m also going to push my comfort level with working on it while I’m doing something else, with the ultimate goal of being able to bring it to game night, where I have several hours of uninterrupted knitting. Except when I have to roll dice. Bonus goal: one pattern repeat a day.

Finish Hermione Glove #1. I also want to have #2 cast on and the cuff complete in time for gaming next Friday, because it’s row after row of stockinette stitch, with some increases and decreases thrown in to make it interesting, which is exactly perfect for gaming.

Finish the Super Sekrit Project. Felt Jack’s e-book cozy, since I didn’t get to it this week. That basketweave scarf is still sitting there. Finish the heel on Ribbed Sock #2, because the foot also goes round and round in a mindless pattern, in this case 3X1 rib plus stockinette on the bottom. All of this ought to nicely cover creating every day.

Keep playing games. Also, read something fun. Maybe I should finish Mockingjay, but I think it’s the end that I’m dreading that made me put it down. Also, The Picture of Dorian Gray is languishing unfinished. Bonus goal: finish a book.

Figure out the Cat Situation. I’ll explain what I’m talking about once we’ve figured it out. This will require some emotional honesty, some negotiation, and some rearranging, but I think it’ll be for the best.

Keep posting here! Three times a week!

I think that’s enough! What’s your week been like, what are your plans for next week? Also, if anybody finds the first half of January, I seem to have misplaced mine.

~ by Amber on January 15, 2011.

5 Responses to “Friday Gauge Check: Technically Still Friday Edition”

  1. I tried to play KH when we were living in AZ, since Jaqui had it. It, ah… didn’t go so well – I got stuck on the SECOND WORLD (you know, the one you go to after the Pretty Island gets sucked into darkness). I just was NOT able to adjust to the gameplay and the relative difficulty. And while I think I’m definitely getting BETTER at games (I beat Dragon Age with very few full-party deaths! :D), I’m still not amazing (it was on Easy mod. ^^;; ), and that was the first video game I really tried to play.

    I abandoned it, sunk about 40 hours into FFXII, and then, because I’d watched Jaqui play through part of it, picked up KH2 – for some reason, KH2 was SO MUCH EASIER. Not that it wasn’t difficult at times, and I died plenty, but it ramped up a little easier, and I was enjoying it more (Roxas and Axel make me happy), and the only reason I didn’t finish it was because we moved and Jaqui (obviously, because it was hers) took the playstation.

    …this has been your random KH story for the day. ^_^

  2. Actually, it’s Legacy of Kain: Defiance. That’s how I ended up with two copies of it, cause I thought it was Soul Reaver 2. Which is how you got your own copy!

    It’s more straight up adventure and Kain and Raziel are FUN characters full of monologuing and epicness (and being obsessed with each other). Also you get to kill things with telekinesis, which is really fun. I would have preferred to introduce you to the series via Soul Reaver 2 (cause it’s the shortest and really hooks you, also how I got into it), but hey, when you have duplicates, gift!

    And I really love FFX, it has my favorite hero (Yuna! Tidus is the narrator XD). Auron is me. I’m playing FFX-2 right now, which is so far the only FF sequel I genuinely like!

    And do you have a Backloggery account? It really helps me keep track of games (now that I am out of school and can play them).

    • I’m totally loving FFX. So much fun, and the game mechanics are just a pleasure to play.

      I don’t have a Backloggery account; my stack of games that I want to play is a literal stack on the shelf.

  3. Oh and I plan on taking some pictures of the beer gloves, so you can show them off whenever you’re talking about projects or selling projects and stuff. ^^

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