Friday Gauge Check: Sunday Edition

My excuse is that I had a houseguest, so I was obliged to spend time with her rather than writing up my Gauge Check. This is perhaps a lousy excuse, but it’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

In fact, I spent Friday afternoon at the beautiful Desert Botanical Garden, enjoying the wonderful weather and the gorgeous plants and wildlife. I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend, and showing her around reminded me how much I love my city. Now, if I could just hold on to that feeling in the middle of August….

Last week was less productive than I wanted it to be, but at the same time it was very productive indeed. I cleaned (almost) all the things, I posted here twice, and recovered enough energy that I was mostly able to shove the Voice of Self-Doubt back in the closet. I reorganized my stash and repurposed a small chest to organize it better. I even pulled out the pink basketweave scarf that’s been languishing in my knitting bag and did a couple of rows on it! I wasn’t able to meet my established knitting goal, though, because of a disaster! As I mentioned last week, I got close to finishing the second Beer Glove and found myself completely unable to find the first one. So, I finished the second one, and cast on the left hand again. I finished it last night, so I was able to give my guest her gloves before she went home. This afternoon, I cast on the Hermione gloves and am working on the cuff. You may have guessed, looking at all the knitting I produced, that I’ve managed to be creative every day so far.

Next week:
Do a pattern repeat of the Argyle State University scarf. Because I’ve been neglecting it in favor of other things too long. Get a good start on Hermione Glove #1. Felt Jack’s ebook cozy. Finish the Super Sekrit Projects. Do a couple more rows of my pink basketweave scarf.

Play more Twilight Princess. Because there should always be time for play! Also, I totally want to finish the game.

Post here at least three times. I didn’t quite manage it last week, so I’m trying again! Alongside that, work on the Voice of Fear. Sady of Tiger Beatdown has been dealing with serious negative crap, and as another outspoken woman on the internet, I’m sure that day will come for me, too. It scares the hell out of me, kids, but I keep reminding myself that the people I help are more important than the people I might offend, upset, or challenge.

Creative every day! Because it’s good for me, and it feels good!

How’s everyone else doing? Tell me about your week, or talk about your goals for next week!

~ by Amber on January 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Friday Gauge Check: Sunday Edition”

  1. It was a lovely weekend.

    And the gloves came in very handy on the way home as well as today!

  2. My week was mostly crap, BUT, I had a great time with you and Jack. Meeting Cendri was awesome. She seriously needs to play Exalted with us always, haha.

    Flying to Florida was insanely stressful and I spent about six hours in a state of tense half-panic. I hate flying and I’m not sure how to stop hating it after that incident in 08. Xan said I mostly did okay, but I think I did terribly. I will drive all over this country before I will willingly get on a plane again. 😐

    On the good side, Florida is beautiful, if cold. Xan’s parents are both really nice. There are HORSES here and I guess I have a Thing for horses? I don’t know.

    Goals are: getting back to Arizona and learning my part for the school show. I forgot my script in AZ but we found a copy to d/l. SO. Xan is going to help me memorize! 😀

    Other goal is RELAX. So much less stress here already. Driving this weekend. Hopefully that will be a nice drive.

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