Friday Gauge Check: Happy New Year!

This week?  Was the opposite of productive.

I had a wonderful time in Las Vegas, cleaning up storm damage.  I was honest with my mother about some things I’d been avoiding, and she was totally accepting of them.  I re-connected with my best friend since high school, the one my mom calls her other daughter, and she really is more like my sister than anything else.  Including the way we can pick up the connections like they were never gone.  I now have a standing invitation to come visit her, and I intend to take advantage of it as much as time and money permits.

I came home (on Sunday! which is why the week’s been non-productive) with an awful cold that I’ve spent most of the week recovering from.  I have two other posts in draft form that I’ve been working on, but my brain hasn’t been coherent enough to get either of them finished.  Maybe next week.  I suppose I could call the week a mental vacation.

The theme for today, with a little bit of New Year’s magic, is begin as you wish to continue, so I’m planning to do lots of things I enjoy, and take rest and ease, and do a little knitting, and finish some projects, and just have a good time.  Spend time with people I care about.  The rest of the week, I want to be productive, and get my house clean, and prepare for the visit of a friend who’s coming next weekend.

My goals:

Finish Beer Glove #2. The friend who’s coming is the owner of the Beer Gloves, and I’d really love to put them on her when she comes.  Bonus goal: cast on for the Hermione gloves, get some more rows done on the Argyle State University scarf, start a fingerless glove project for myself.

Clean the house. Because of the guest!  And also because starting out the New Year in a clean place is good!  Scrub the animal cages, take care of the clutter, put away the Christmas decorations.  Vacuum.  Bonus goal: Tackle the boxes in the storage closet.

Post here at least three times. Even if it’s pulling from the archives.  Like I said, I’ve got some posts in progress, but I want to talk about the act of cleaning up storm damage – repairing and re-establishing friendships after an abusive relationship ends – and some guidelines for the friends of former victims.

Work on the Voice of Self-Doubt. Because that’s always a project, and it’s been very loud lately, probably because I’ve been sick so I haven’t had the energy to sit on it.

And because this is the Gauge Check for the new year, a couple of longer-term goals!

This year, I intend to:

Make this blog a priority. I want to post here regularly, several times a week.  At the same time, this involves conquering my “stage fright,” which is probably another reason why I haven’t been posting.  I can’t escape the feeling that this is a Real Blog, which means I’m talking to the Entire Internet, rather than just my friends.  At the same time, I don’t have any evidence that the Entire Internet is listening, so I just need to continue as I have begun!  Talking to people.  Because I like to talk to people.  Also! Yarn is on-topic, so I can just make rambling posts about my knitting.  Every post doesn’t have to be emotionally deep.

Continue being emotionally honest. Especially through transitions, it’s important to be able to speak your truth.  It’s okay to be scared, and it’s okay to tell people (even the Entire Internet!) that you’re scared.

Creativity every day. Knitting every day.  Or crochet.  Or even writing, collage, or the new crafts I’m learning!  Every day.

Learn new crafts. Three new crafts: spinning, weaving, and sewing.  Would dying be four?  I want to learn to do that, too.  I’ve been putting them off, and it’s time to actually commit to learning them.  Nothing brings me joy like textile creation, and I really want to fill in the “holes.”

Read more things that bring me pleasure. This last year, I’ve done a lot of reading for school, lots of blogs, lots of Srs Business stuff.  This year, I want to do more fun reading.

Take care of myself. Eat well, and exercise, and get enough rest, and make relaxation a priority.  Because I have a tendency to be a workaholic, and then I push myself into overload and collapse.  (Last week, for example.)

How’s your week been?  Do you have goals for the New Year?  (I don’t like the word resolution.  Goal is more concrete, and less associated with Giant Idea That Won’t Last.)  Check your gauge in the comments below!

~ by Amber on January 1, 2011.

5 Responses to “Friday Gauge Check: Happy New Year!”

  1. My week has been…I don’t know. Good and bad.

    I’m glad to see 2010 go.

    My goals for the year are CHANGE MY FUCKING NAME and GET A BINDER THAT WORKS and other than that I don’t have any goals, because I suck at them. I’m also feeling very low on having any hope regarding my life, so, I haven’t thought of anything I really want to do that is doable.

    I look forward to your relationship posts very much.

    • Those are great goals, and probably very doable. Since you sew, have you considered the possibility of designing your own binder? I don’t know how feasible that would be, but I can’t imagine it would be too different from a corset, and if you designed and built it yourself, you could make sure it didn’t sit in places that hurt.

  2. My goal for this year is to learn to be a leader.

    Not in a big dramatic way. I’m thinking about researching strats for the Hardmodes in ICC (World of Warcraft stuff) and seeing if I can’t convince my little rag-tag 10man group to come attempt them when we’re back in our raiding swing. And there’s a possibility I might end up asst manager and even studio manager at my job over the next few months, since our current studio manager is leaving, and I guess that means I’ll have to actually suck up and be a leader and take responsibility for things I’m generally not comfortable being responsible for.

    As for this week, I’ve been deeply embroiled in the joys of Dragon Age: Origins, and the only real blight on the week was learning one of my coworkers is trying to stir up drama about me with my manager. Thankfully, my manager is sane and wonderful, and her immediate reaction was to say “that doesn’t sound a BIT like Beka”, ask me about it, and then roll her eyes because of the drama mongering when I was completely baffled by the whole thing.

    • That’s an excellent goal, and I wish you the best of luck pursuing it. Also, sane bosses who can communicate are pearls without price.

      • My boss is AMAZING – unfortunately, she’s leaving at the end of the month to open her own studio, and I don’t know what’s going to happen in the chain of command after that.

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